Seating Information

General Seating

Approximately 50,000 of the more than 65,000 seats in the stadium are designated as general seating. Spectators can enjoy comfortable individual seats, measuring 19-21″ wide with 32-33″ from one seat back to the next. All seats feature cup holders. There are up to 712 wheelchair-accessible seats located in all areas of the stadium.

Disabled Seating

Disabled seating is available in all areas of the stadium, including club level and luxury suites. Gurney viewing positions are available in the end zone areas.

Club Seats

Raymond James Stadium features more than 12,000 club seats that allow spectators to experience games and events in utmost comfort. The extra-wide, padded seats run parallel to the sidelines. The seats are accessible from a luxurious, air-conditioned concourse that features restaurants, sports bars, video walls, lounge seating and additional views of the field.

Luxury Suites

A total of 195 suites on two floors — at mid-level — run along both sidelines. These suites offer the most luxurious setting to watch events. Each suite has retractable glass windows, multiple televisions, and a private bar and restroom. To inquire about renting a luxury suite at Raymond James Stadium for any event, please call 813-998-3877.

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