Raymond James Stadium has more than 500 points of sale for food, beverages and merchandise, one for every 126 seats. A wide variety of concessions are available from hot dogs and soda to gourmet pizza and cappuccino.


Raymond James Stadium is equipped with 88 public restroom locations and a total of 1,003 fixtures. With one fixture for every 61 people, restroom lines are minimal.


Raymond James Stadium conveniently features 20 escalators to make it easier for guests to quickly navigate through the stadium. A bank of four escalators is located at each corner ramp, and there are an additional four in the club lounges.

End Zone Plazas

Our stunning $3 million pirate ship is the most eye-catching feature of the stadium. The 103-foot-long replica of an early 1800s pirate ship is the focal point of Buccaneer Cove. The 20,000-square-foot cove extends the entire length of the north end zone. In addition to the pirate ship, the cove includes a weathered, two-story pirate village facade, complete with concession stands, restrooms and other amenities.

The south end zone offers guests a fantastic view of the field with the opportunity to dine at picnic tables. Palm trees surround the area, making it a pleasant place to eat and watch the game, while mingling with other guests.

Video Boards

Raymond James Stadium features some of the most advanced video board technology found among NFL stadiums. The 24-foot-by-92-foot scoreboards, located in the end zones, display enormous singular replays or up to six different images simultaneously. Replays, statistics and messages can be clearly seen from any angle in the stadium. With a high-tech control center and more than 30 game-day staffers, the scoreboards keep visitors updated on NFL activity. In addition, four matrix message boards located on the upper fascia facing the two sidelines continuously display scores and game statistics.

Media Facilities

The Raymond James Stadium press box seats up to 225 members of the media in a spacious, comfortable area on the west side of the upper suite level. The media entrance is located at Dock D on the southwest corner of the stadium.

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